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January 13, 2014

The following elected officials were present: K. Brannon; M. Cheberenchick; N. Kovach; J. O’Malley; D. Swisher; M. Warhold; D. Baumgarten. Council Member V. Smith and Tax Collector S. Torris were absent. The following appointed officials were present: T. Hartswick, Borough Manager; Police Chief K. Truver; P. Vietmeier, Codes Official; D. Biondo, Solicitor; B. Fabbio, Jr. Council Person.

The minutes of the December 9, 2013 council meeting were presented. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. O’Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

The minutes of the January 6, 2014 reorganization meeting were presented. Ms. O’Malley motioned to approve the minutes; Mr. Warhold seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Ms. Kovach turned the meeting over to Police Chief Ken Truver who presented the 2013 year end statistics summary. The report indicated an increase in calls for service and incidents handled, arrests, traffic citations, traffic warnings, non-traffic citations, and DUI arrests. Burglary reports, theft reports, criminal mischief reports and traffic crash incidents decreased. Sergeant David Lane was promoted to lieutenant, and Patrolman Justin Majors was hired. Patrolman Gary Watkins was promoted to sergeant and will be attending the FBI National Academy. New technology in the department was the ALPR-License Plate Reader and E-ticketing solution. Chief Truver took this opportunity to recognize the officers of the Castle Shannon Police Department for their outstanding performance in 2013.

Chief Truver recommended Officer McKeown for promotion to sergeant. In addition to being the department’s investigation liaison and conducting crime scene processing, Officer McKeown is a field training officer, a crisis negotiator with the SHACOG critical incident response team, the department’s evidence custodian, J-net computer administrator, expungement officer, etc. Officer McKeown was certified by the MPOETC as a police instructor and recently enrolled to obtain his undergraduate degree in criminal justice. Ms. O’Malley motioned to promote Officer Brian McKeown to the position of sergeant effective January 14, 2014; Mr. Warhold seconded; all in favor; motion carried. Mayor Baumgarten gave the oath of office to Officer McKeown, and Council congratulated him on his promotion.

Ms. Kovach recognized Mr. Russ McKibben, representative to the Southwest Allegheny County Tax Collection Committee. Mr. McKibben updated council on Act 32 earned income tax collections. Although the Jordan non-compliance report lists several businesses, many on the list are no longer in business. Compliance has been extremely good, and funds are being remitted to the borough every few days. G.O. coding has helped identify PSD codes to assist in proper reporting. Third party payroll administrators are not submitting information as promptly as requested, and employees are still required to file final returns. State tax records are used to discover self-employers in non-compliance. Penalties for non-compliance may be enacted in 2014.

Mayor Baumgarten noted that collections for 2013 will be slightly less than 2012, and questioned how corrections are handled for funds remitted to incorrect PSD codes in other counties. Mr. McKibben answered that the efficiency of the taxing districts vacillates and other counties may not have PSD coding in effect, which will delay the reporting and remitting of funds; however Jordan Tax is receiving and remitting funds to other counties on a regular basis.

In addition, when employees mis-code their PSD information, the employer sends funds to the wrong taxing district; and these corrections are being discovered and resolved. The 2013 collections will be less than 2012, since Jordan collected 2011 fourth quarter taxes that are included in the 2012 reports. Overall, EIT tax collections have increased 27.5% since 2011.

Council thanked Mr. McKibben for serving the Borough of Castle Shannon.

Ms. Kovach opened the public comment section of the meeting. Being none, the public comment section was closed.

Bid Openings:
Nothing to report.

Public Hearings:
Nothing to report.

Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
The agenda contained the December 2013 collection report.

Council Committee Reports

Public Relations/Communications:
Nothing to report.

Public Works/Building and Grounds:
Mr. Swisher updated council on public works activities.

Salt orders are being delivered in a timely manner. A delivery of 200 tons was received today, and the salt storage shed has 400 tons in stock. The plow trucks and equipment have been serviced and repaired in anticipation of the next snowfall.

During the break in winter weather, public works has been patching potholes and cleaning sewer catch basins. In addition, Municipal Center Room C is scheduled to be patched and painted this week.

Public Safety/Fire:
Chief Truver recognized Lt. Cheberenchick for his 35+ years of service to Castle Shannon Borough. Lt. Cheberenchick is retiring February 1, 2014.

The Castle Shannon Police Department was awarded the AAA Platinum Award for traffic safety.

Chief Truver reported on the MCSAP truck inspection program for 2013 conducted by Officer Fleckenstein: Trucks stopped – 122; Inspections performed – 109; Violations – 213; Citations issued – 99; Fines issued - $12,995; Fine amount recouped: $2991; Trucks placed out of service – 22; Drivers placed out of service – 2.

Penndot has corresponded with the mayor, manager and police chief regarding painting cross-walk signs at the intersection of Route 88 and Grove Road.

Children’s Hospital has a bike helmet program for free helmets that will be handed out at Community Day.

Mr. Warhold questioned Chief Truver regarding traffic accidents involving deer. The weekly police blotter lists all accidents, including accidents involving deer. Chief Truver will review the blotters and total the deer accidents.

Ms. Brannon noted that trolley lights are damaged on Willow Avenue. The problem has been reported to Port Authority.

Ms. Smith motioned to ratify the December 2013 Treasurer’s Report; Mr. Warhold seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Community Activities/Planning & Codes:
Mr. Warhold reported on a well attended Community Day meeting for 2014. Corporate sponsor letters were mailed, the showmobile was ordered, and bands are being confirmed. Letters to vendors and advertisers for the booklet will be sent soon. Ms. Brannon suggested including a high school jazz band.

The Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation will hold its reorganization meeting on January 29th.

The Pittsburgh Lacrosse Store moved into 3803 Willow Avenue and has improved the building façade.

Mr. Swisher attended the January board meeting.

Editorial Board:
Article deadline will be April 4th for the spring newsletter. A discussion continued on the timeframe needed for the distribution.

Nothing to report.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Ms. Kovach was sworn in to the board of directors and Mr. Warhold will be alternate.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
Ms. O’Malley reported the January meeting will be hosted by Brentwood.

Police Pension:
Nothing to report.

Non-Uniformed Pension:
Nothing to report.

Junior Council Person:
Nothing to report.

Earned Income Tax Collector's Report:
Nothing to report

Engineer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Manager's Report:
Nothing to report.

Mayor's Report:
Mayor Baumgarten discussed the delinquent real estate tax list received by Jordan Tax and the fact that many property owners make minimal payments on taxes, therefore the delinquent real estate tax will never be completely paid. In addition, many of the property taxes on the list date back to the 1920’s. A discussion continued on the possibility of sheriff sales for unknown owners, publishing the delinquent real estate exoneration list, and requesting a meeting with Mike McCabe to review the list.

Planning Commission:
Nothing to report.

Solicitor's Report:
Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Nothing to report.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.


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