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March 12, 2007

The following elected officials were present: N. Kovach; J. O'Malley; M. Warhold; R. Zezulewicz; S. Torris. Council Members R. Carlucci, M. Cheberenchick, P. Coffey, and Mayor D. Baumgarten were absent. The following appointed officials were present: T. Hartswick, Manager; D. Biondo, Solicitor; H. Lane, Police Chief and D. Ross, Building Official.

The minutes of the February 26, 2007 council meeting were presented. Ms. Kovach motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Zezulewicz opened the public comment section of the meeting. Being none, Mr. Zezulewicz closed the public comment section.

Bid Openings:
Nothing to report.

Public Hearings:
Nothing to report.

Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
Ms. Torris gave her final report for 2006 listing a 98% collection rate and a balance to be collected of $60,039.86. Council congratulated Ms. Torris on her collection rate.

Ms. Torris also presented a collection report for 2007 listing the assessed valuation at $306,093,698 and collections of $415,430.25.

Ms. Torris requested to be exonerated for the delinquent real estate taxes for the year 2006 in the amount of $61,506.05. Ms. O'Malley made a motion to exonerate the tax collector of the delinquent real estate taxes for the year 2006; Mr. Warhold seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Council Committee Reports:

Building and Grounds:
Mr. Warhold announced a Peer-to-Peer meeting on Wednesday, March 14th at 6:00 p.m. at the Dormont Municipal Center.

Mr. Zezulewicz advised Mr. Hartswick that a representative would be in contact regarding running electricity to Sleepy Hollow for the Castle Shannon Youth Association.

Mr. Zezulewicz announced that Gretchen Hess, the Summer Recreation Director for the borough's children's program has resigned due to personal reasons. Mr. Hartswick added that the position has been advertised in the local newspaper. Mr. Warhold stated that Ms. Hess did a tremendous job and ran the recreation program exceedingly well.

Ms. Kovach motioned to ratify the February treasurer's report after inspection by Mr. Cheberenchick, the Finance Chairman; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Applicants were interviewed for the Children's Librarian position. A Castle Shannon resident has been selected.

Planning and Codes:
Nothing to report.

Public Safety:
Chief Lane presented council with a photograph from 1959 of the Castle Shannon Police Department.

Chief Lane discussed the extensive information available on the borough's website. Over 4,000 hits were recorded on the website for February. Park rental information and calendars are very helpful to residents. Ms. Kovach and Ms. O'Malley agreed that Harry Munson has done an excellent job of creating and updating the site. Mr. Zezulewicz will write an article for the Spring newsletter on the website.

Public Works:
Mr. Zezulewicz reported that Bob Ausman has submitted his resignation effective March 16th. Ms. Kovach motioned to accept his resignation; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried. Council wishes Mr. Ausman the best in his future endeavors. The job position has been advertised.

Editorial Board:
Mr. Zezulewicz announced that the deadline for articles for the Spring newsletter is April 2nd.

Nothing to report.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Nothing to report.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
Ms. O'Malley thanked Ms. Miller for organizing the SHACOG meeting at the municipal center this Thursday and invited council to attend the meeting.

Mr. Hartswick noted that Emsworth Borough has requested membership into the South Hills Area Council of Governments. Council feels that Emsworth is out of the South Hills District and should join a cog in their district.

Ms. Kovach announced that the annual SHACOG dinner is scheduled for April 26th at the South Hills Country Club.

Police Pension:
Nothing to report.

Earned Income Tax Collector's Report:
February Distributions: EIT - $55,304.21; EMST - $3,004.79.

Engineer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Manager's Report:
Mr. Hartswick presented a request for delegates for the MRM Workers' Comp Pooled Trust. Mr. Warhold motioned to re-appoint Mr. Cheberenchick as delegate and Mr. Zezulewicz as alternate; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Nothing to report.

Planning Commission Report:
Nothing to report.

Solicitor's Report:
Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Nothing to report.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Ms. Kovach questioned if an applicant had been chosen as Local Government Academy intern for Castle Shannon for this summer. Mr. Hartswick stated that three applicants were interviewed and an offer of employment was sent. Any one of the three candidates would be a great addition to the borough.


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