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April 11, 2005

The following elected officials were present:
R. Carlucci; M. Cheberenchick; N. Kovach; J. O'Malley; M. Warhold; R. Zezulewicz; D. Baumgarten; S. Torris. Council Member P. Coffey was absent.
The following appointed officials were present:
T. Hartswick, Manager; D. Biondo, Solicitor; H. Lane, Police Chief; J. DeFrancesco, Jr. Council Person.

Mr. Zezulewicz announced that prior to addressing the regular agenda, borough council held an executive session to discuss a personnel matter in the police department. The official actions on this matter that council will consider are indicated under the Mayor's section of the agenda, and will be addressed at that time.

The minutes of the March 28, 2005 council meeting were presented. Ms. O'Malley motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Zezulewicz opened the public comments section of the meeting.

Mr. Marv Levin, 861 Corbett Drive - congratulated council on doing a fine job for the community. Mr. Levin stated that Coldwell Banker Real Estate manages the Grenadier Condominium Association, and Mr. Levin has been delegated to manage the association for the past twelve years. The owners of the condominiums requested the borough include their property in the borough trash collection, since another condominium, Shannon Heights, has borough collection. Currently the condominium association pays for a dumpster at the Caldwell Banker location by the Galleria. The maintenance man collects the garage from a garbage chute three times a day and takes it to the dumpster. Mr. Levin proposed that the fifteen trash cans used for recycling could be used for trash collection, and the recycling could be housed inside. Council will take under advisement.

Mr. Zezulewicz officially closed the public portion of the meeting.

Bid Openings: Mr. Hartswick presented three bids for the 2005 Liquid Fuel Road Improvement Program. Mr. Warhold motioned to award Contract B to the lowest bidder - A. Folino Construction for $96,904.15; Mr. Cheberenchick seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Public Hearings: Nothing to report.

Civil Service Commission: Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report: Ms. Torris reported March collections of $1,353,655.43. Change orders had a net increase of $118,000. Balance of face tax to be collected is $430,393.56. The borough collections are $460,000 more than last year at this time. Council congratulated Ms. Torris on the collections.

Council Committee Reports:

Building and Grounds: Mr. Warhold reported a landscaping meeting is scheduled for April 12th. Process for dragging fields is underway. Mr. Warhold noted that a vehicle had driven on the field at Riehl Park. Public works has made repairs.

Mr. Zezulewicz asked for progress on the batting cage project. Mr. Warhold responded that Mr. Ausman is obtaining prices.

Finance: Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to ratify the Treasurer's Report; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Library: Nothing to report.

Planning and Codes: Ms. Kovach recalled Mr. O'Brien's concerns from the March 28th meeting. Mr. Ross stated that Mr. O'Brien would like the enunciators turned off at the car wash. The business owner is out of town and has not yet been contacted.

Mr. Zezulewicz questioned the two piles of garbage on Waverly Street. Mr. Ross reported that non-fill material is present, i.e. lumber, however it is not garbage.

Ms. Kovach questioned progression on the construction at 250 Mt. Lebanon Boulevard. Mr. Ross stated building permits are being issued, and the occupancy process is being discussed with two businesses.

Public Safety: Mr. Carlucci reported that council interviewed two applicants for a police officer position.

Public Works: Nothing to report.

Editorial Board: Mr. Zezulewicz requested a meeting.

MRTSA: Nothing to report.

Municipal Associations:
Allegheny County Boroughs Association: Nothing to report.
Allegheny League of Municipalities: Nothing to report.
South Hills Area Council of Governments: Nothing to report.

Police Pension: Mr. Carlucci noted the investment management statement reported a loss.

Earned Income Tax Collector's Report: Nothing to report.

Engineer's Report: Nothing to report.

Manager's Report: Mr. Hartswick presented the Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response Plan for Castle Shannon Borough. Mr. Biondo reviewed the plan and had concerns regarding the borough's commitment to correct overflows. Mr. Hartswick advised that the SSORP formalizes the borough's procedures that are already in place. Ms. Kovach motioned to adopt the Administrative Consent Order Sanitary Sewer Overflow Response Plan as presented; Mr. Carlucci seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Hartswick presented Hamilton Park Phase II change order one (increasing the contract price to include wall construction) and change order two (adjusting the contract price based on in-place quantities). Ms. Kovach motioned to authorize the borough manager to execute the change orders; Mr. Cheberenchick seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mayor's Report: Mayor Baumgarten requested council approve the hiring of Matthew Abel as full-time police officer with one year probation. Ms. O'Malley made the motion; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mayor Baumgarten requested council's consideration on a recommendation concerning Todd Erlich. Mr. Carlucci motioned to direct the manager to issue a statement of charges, consistent with the Mayor's recommendation, removing Todd Erlich from the police department effective this date; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Planning Commission Report: Nothing to report.

Solicitor's Report: Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks: Ms. DeFrancesco reported the students are collecting change for Pennies for Patients next week.

The National Honor Society will be admitting new members. An honor dinner will be scheduled for seniors.

The school is having an Earth Day poster contest. Posters will be displayed Thursday and Friday.

Mr. Hartswick announced a meeting has been scheduled with Gwen Walker from Keystone Oaks School District to address concerns regarding tax delinquencies of long standing liens.

Zoning Hearing Board: Nothing to report.

Other: Ms. O'Malley discussed the neglected property across from St. Annes School. Mr. Ross stated he will proceed to cite the property owner. Ms. O'Malley voiced safety concerns for students from an unstable wall.

Mr. Warhold reported the PELRAS conference was very informative. Discussions included Safe Harbor Policy, updating Civil Service Commission rules, etc.

Mr. Cheberenchick reported receipt of a Municipal Risk Management dividend check for $25,562.61 which is the result of a low loss ratio and good experience with workers' compensation. Mr. Zezulewicz added this is the direct result of the policies, procedures and training given to our employees.


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