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June 8, 2009

The following elected officials were present: R. Carlucci; M. Cheberenchick; N. Kovach; J. O'Malley; R. Zezulewicz; D. Baumgarten; S. Torris. Council member P. Coffey was absent. The following appointed officials were present: D. Biondo, Solicitor; and P. Vietmeier, Codes Official. Council Member M. Warhold and Borough Manager T. Hartswick are attending a Pennsylvania Downtown Center seminar in Johnstown.

The minutes of the May 11, 2009 council meeting were presented. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Zezulewicz temporarily turned the meeting over to Mayor Baumgarten. Mayor Baumgarten introduced the DARE essay winner from St. Anne School, Abby Hartzell. Ms. Hartzell read her winning essay to the audience.

Mr. Zezulewicz officially opened the public comment section of the meeting.

Steven Zack, 1245 Havelock - expressed an interest in purchasing an adjacent vacant lot. He plans to clear the wooded lot to provide a larger yard area for his children. Ms. Torris advised that delinquent taxes owed on the vacant lot may be higher than the property value. Mr. Vietmeier will provide Mr. Zack with the delinquent tax amounts. Mr. Biondo and Mr. Carlucci outlined the procedures for a sheriff sale.

Mr. Zezulewicz closed the public comment section.

Bid Openings:
Mr. Zezulewicz presented the bid results for the library roofing shingle replacement. Funding will be provided through budgeted library expenditures in the capital projects fund along with the possible receipt of grant funds through State Representative Chelsa Wagner's office. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to award the contract to Hausler Roofing Inc. for $29,750.00; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Public Hearings:
Mr. Biondo presented Ordinance 867 establishing stop intersections on Willow Avenue and Baldwin Street. Mr. Zezulewicz opened the public hearing; no comments were received. Mr. Zezulewicz closed the public hearing. Mr. Carlucci motioned to adopt Ordinance 867 at its first reading; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
Ms. Torris reported collections of $351,487.32, leaving a balance of $276,182.41. An additional $12,000 has been collected thus far in June. Collections are at 89%. Ms. O'Malley commended Ms. Torris on her collections.

Council Committee Reports:

Building and Grounds:
Ms. Kovach reported that the Castle Shannon Community Day was well attended and very well organized by Mr. Warhold. The Memorial Day Parade was also well attended.

Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to ratify the May Treasurer's Report; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Ms. O'Malley reported the Seventh Annual Library Night is being scheduled for July 21st. Registration information will be submitted in council mail.

Planning and Codes:
Mr. Vietmeier attended his first unsafe structure hearing for a property on Willow Avenue. The property owner has sixty days to rectify the unsafe items, but the property still require additional renovations before occupancy.

Mr. Vietmeier has started the process for condemnation of a house on McRoberts Road.

Mr. Vietmeier stated that an electrical company needs to deliver transformers to Earlsdale Street in Whitehall and must transport the equipment via Hamilton and McRoberts Road. The roads will be bonded. Trees will be reviewed for height requirements and utility wires will be raised if needed.

Many houses in the borough are not complying with grass cutting regulations. Mr. Vietmeier suggested charging the property owner or liening the property in the amount of $250.00 each time the borough is required to cut the grass. Mr. Zezulewicz asked Mr. Vietmeier to create language for borough council to adopt to assess the penalty.

Many new businesses will be opening. Mendoza Express will be opening in the Lebanon Shops. Team Nutz plans to open next week. A quilt shop plans to open in the Lighthouse Shops. A photographer shop will open on the ground level of the Antique Mall.

Mr. Cheberenchick discussed cars that are parked under the bridge on Connor Road. Mayor Baumgarten and David Calabria advised that permission was granted for the parking.

Public Safety:
Mr. Carlucci stated that Police Chief Harold Lane has retired and is working for the Allegheny County CSI Office. Applications for the chief's position were due June 5th. Mr. Zezulewicz added that the borough is going through a methodical in-depth process for the replacement of the chief's position.

Public Works:
Nothing to report.

Editorial Board:
Nothing to report.

Mayor Baumgarten reported that the company is running well since the billing has been outsourced. Costs have been cut to enable MRTSA to be more self-sustaining. The six communities involved in the authority will continue to support any budget deficiencies. A discussion continued on insurance companies that send payments for ambulance services to residents instead of MRTSA.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Nothing to report.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
Mr. Cheberenchick will attend the SHACOG Franchising Authority meeting on June 17th. The monthly SHACOG board meeting will be held at Jefferson Hills on June 18th.

Police Pension:
The agenda contained the 2008 Year End Financial Statements.

Earned Income Tax Collector's Report:
May Distribution Analysis: EIT - $127,695.33; LST - $16,244.97.

Engineer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Manager's Report:
Mr. Hartswick and Mayor Baumgarten will attend a Connect seminar on June 19th.
Ms. Miller reported that a $20,000 DCED grant has been received through Representative Chelsa Wagner's office for the restoration of the Hamilton Park tennis courts. A CDBG application was also submitted for the downtown revitalization project.
Ms. Kovach questioned the construction activity at the Myrtle Avenue Park. Ms. Miller answered that new playground equipment will be installed this week.

Mayor Baumgarten noted that many vacant properties in the borough have high grass issues. Mayor Baumgarten added that the borough should have the grass cut on these properties and a fee should be assessed for each cut. Mr. Vietmeier will prepare a listing of properties for the borough to address the grass issue, and the list will be presented to the borough manager. In addition, Mr. Biondo will assist Mr. Vietmeier in preparing a fee ordinance or resolution.

Planning Commission Report:
Mr. Vietmeier presented a request from Michael Bodnar for a conditional use, i.e. placement of a seasonal barbecue grill business for take out purchases only. The business will be located on the same lot as Pruni's storage garage on Route 88 and Havelock. The planning commission motioned to conditionally approve the business pending the borough's willingness to waive the zoning issues. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to approve the conditional use by Michael Bodner for the Barbecue of Pittsburgh business for a six month period only subject to a review next year and to the conditions that are reported in the planning commission minutes of May 18, 2009; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Biondo noted a request from Mr. Vietmeier to modify the Castle Shannon Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance to remove "non-residential" from section 501(a). A second meeting on this subject will be held with the Planning Commission on June 15th.

A change in use from the former VFW to Team Nutz was discussed.

Jeff Riley, 1687 Washington Road - would like to open Fitness Innovations in the Lebanon Shops at the former Rogers Hardware location. Mr. Riley presented his request for conditional use to council prior to the planning commission meeting. Ms. O'Malley motioned that the request for conditional use be conditionally approved subject to a hearing and review by Planning Commission at its June 15th meeting, and subject to the Planning Commission's approval and conditions; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Solicitor's Report:
Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Nothing to report.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Ms. O'Malley stated that Pennsylvania American Water repaired water lines on St. Anne Street; however the curb to curb paving restoration was not completed. Mr. Zezulewicz explained that some utilities install temporary patches on roadways after the utility repairs are completed. At a later date, a separate contractor is hired to complete curb to curb restoration in a geographic area encompassing the several separate utility patches.


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