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October 8, 2007

The following elected officials were present: R. Carlucci; M. Cheberenchick; N. Kovach; J. O'Malley; M. Warhold; R. Zezulewicz; D. Baumgarten; S. Torris. Council Member P. Coffey was absent. The following appointed officials were present: T. Hartswick, Manager; H. Lane, Police Chief; D. Ross, Building Official; D. Biondo, Solicitor; A. Kocelko, Jr. Council Person.

The minutes of the September 24, 2007 council meeting were presented. Ms. O'Malley motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Zezulewicz opened the public comment section of the meeting.

Chris Durkin, 3163 Maplene Avenue - revisited the issue of nuisance deer in the borough and provided council with the Mt. Lebanon Deer Cull Program Report for 2007. Mr. Durkin also submitted information to Joan Cleary, Allegheny County Council Member.

Dan Collins, 1413 Highlandvilla Drive - stated his Cub Scout pack is working with the police department, fire department and Medical Rescue Team South to host a safety day on May 18, 2008 at the fire hall. Mr. Zezulewicz commended Mr. Collins on his involvement with the borough's youth and organization of the safety day.

Mr. Zezulewicz closed the public comment section.

Bid Openings:
Mr. Hartswick presented the SHACOG Purchasing Alliance bid results for rock salt. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to award the bid to the low bidder, Cargill Inc. at $42.93 per ton; Ms. O'Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Public Hearings:
Mr. Hartswick presented Resolution 526 and the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update. The comprehensive plan is a guide for making daily development decisions in terms of their long range consequences. Mr. Zezulewicz commended Mr. Hartswick for his preparation and work on the plan. Mr. Zezulewicz opened the public hearing for Resolution 526. Mr. Collins asked when the plan would be available to the public. Mr. Hartswick answered in two weeks at the borough offices and possibly on the website. Mr. Zezulewicz closed the public hearing. Mr. Warhold motioned to adopt Resolution 526 for the 2006 Comprehensive Plan Update executed and signed in 2007; Ms. Kovach seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
Ms. Torris presented the September tax collection report: Collections - $10,087.34; Balance - $195,339.09. This is a 92% collection rate. Delinquent tax notices will be mailed in the near future.

Council Committee Reports:

Building and Grounds:
Mr. Warhold stated that the comprehensive plan has good and concise information for the residents in our community to review.

Mr. Warhold is on a fact finding mission with the Duquesne Light Bright Lights Program to explore the possibility of installing ball field, tennis court and walking trail lights. Grant money will be requested through our legislative contacts to provide funding for the light installation. Mr. Cheberenchick noted that the park previously had ball field lights, and the nearby residents complained of the lights and noise from the park. Lighting for Hamilton Park would provide an additional field for evening ballgames; thereby eliminating the congested parking for the summer council meetings and municipal building rentals.

Nothing to report.

Ms. O'Malley announced that the annual Halloween Parade will be held on October 28th at 1:00 p.m.

Planning and Codes:
Mr. Ross stated that two new candy/cookie stores are opening in the borough.

The May Street Townhome project has resubmitted their application to proceed with the construction.

Public Safety:
The agenda contained the September police reports.

The borough has received one bid for trimming trees from the street lights on Hoodridge and Vermont. For public safety reasons, the trees should be done this year since the funds are budgeted. Council agreed to proceed. Ms. O'Malley asked for the trees on Baldwin Street to be reviewed for trimming.

Chief Lane reported that Camp Bow Wow hosted a grand opening. The facility is very clean and well organized.

Chief Lane reported that CSYA has done a good job of turning out the field lights after ballgames at the municipal center. For security reasons, it would be a good idea for additional lighting at Hamilton Park along with the future installation of video cameras.

Mr. Carlucci asked Mr. Ross to inspect the trees at Greenridge and Connor Roads that are hanging over the road.

Public Works:
Nothing to report.

Editorial Board:
Nothing to report.

The agenda contained the September Board of Directors meeting minutes.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Nothing to report.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
A memorandum was sent to the Administrative Advisory Committee requesting an increase of $1,500 in the base cost of the police portion of the Cooperative Emergency Response Program to develop a Critical Incident Response Team. Chief Lane explained that the team would consist of tactically trained police officers from the various SHACOG municipalities. These officers could in turn train their municipality's force. Council had a short discussion on the financial obligation and program benefits. Mr. Hartswick will contact Mr. Gorski for further information.

Police Pension:
Nothing to report.

Earned Income Tax Collector's Report:
September Distribution Analysis: EIT - $31,746.80; EMS - $455.49.

Engineer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Manager's Report:
Nothing to report.

Mayor Baumgarten believes the Critical Incident Response Team would be an excellent addition to the SHACOG interdepartmental cooperation program. Due to a recent bomb threat in borough schools, and with other such incidents occurring in other communities, the additional cost for training is justified.

The public works department Route 88 roadside clean up detail is progressing. The borough needs a volunteer group to "Adopt A Highway" for litter control and minor maintenance.

The property at the corner of Rockwood and Willow Avenue has been cleared of unsightly weeds and vines and looks better. Mayor Baumgarten stated that he takes pride in his community, and his number one priority is to have unsightly properties cleaned up and maintained.

Planning Commission Report:
Nothing to report.

Solicitor's Report:
Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Ms. Kocelko reported that a bomb threat was reported at the Keystone Oaks Middle School and High School. The students were all evacuated to the track. The evacuation was very orderly and calmly handled.

Homecoming was held last weekend. Keystone Oaks lost the football game to Thomas Jefferson.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Mr. Cheberenchick commented that the site work is progressing for the borough's salt storage shed. Mr. Hartswick added that the walls should be installed next week.

Ms. O'Malley asked to have the weeds cut down at the Feller Garage property.

Mr. Cheberenchick requested that the public works department remove five large logs on the hillside along Route 88 across from Stoner's Plaza.


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