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November 25, 2013

The following elected officials were present: K. Brannon; M. Cheberenchick; N. Kovach; J. O’Malley; D. Swisher; M. Warhold; D. Baumgarten. Council Member V. Smith and Tax Collector S. Torris were absent. The following appointed officials were present: T. Hartswick, Borough Manager; K. Truver, Police Chief; D. Biondo, Solicitor; P. Vietmeier, Codes Official; B. Fabbio, Junior Council Member.

The minutes of the October 28, 2013 council meeting were presented. Mr. Cheberenchick motioned to approve the minutes; Ms. O’Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Ms. Kovach opened the public comment section of the council meeting. Being none, the public comment section was closed.

Bid Openings:
Nothing to report.

To accommodate guest speakers, Ms. Kovach changed the order of business.

Planning Commission:
Jim Aiello requested council’s approval for parking area changes to the Shannon Station Site. The number of parking spaces will remain the same with better planning for the position of the parking areas. Port Authority has agreed to the modification.

Mr. Warhold motioned to approve the modification to the parking areas of the Shannon Station subject to the engineer’s recommendations and requirements; Ms. O’Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mr. Aiello is planning a February ground breaking and construction start date in April. Port Authority has requested a written 60-day notice to the current parking commuters.

Engineer’s Report:
Mr. Jason Stanton presented the roadway map for sewer improvements pursuant to the Year 2 Operation and Maintenance Plan, which requires portions of the sanitary sewer systems be televised, cleaned and maintained every ten years.

Year 2 is a larger scale program which includes the intersection of Rt. 88 and Castle Shannon Blvd from Shady Run. There are sanitary and storm sewer lines at this intersection. Bids are being secured, and Mr. Stanton anticipates presenting a recommendation to council within the next 30 days.

A memorandum regarding a sanitary sewer issue on Bockstoce was documented on November 7th. The sewer line is interrelated with the Port Authority lot, and five residences are tributary to two private laterals that cross under the tracks. After reviewing the issued with Mr. Biondo, the borough has two options: 1) Council could force the private laterals be repaired by the residents; or 2) Install a manhole to rear of properties and connect all 5 properties, line the existing pipe under the tracks, and tie into the relocated sewer line of the Aiello project. The borough must obtain a license agreement. Cost associated with this repair is about $44,000.00. The borough engineer’s recommendation is option two.

Mayor Baumgarten questioned the Port Authority’s responsibility since they acquired this property. Mr. Hartswick will ask Port Authority for participation with this project.

Mr. Stanton requested to bid this all in one project working in the spring with the Aiello project at approximately $400,000-$500,000 with a February bid opening date.

ALCOSAN approved the planning module for the Port Authority project.

Whitehall has approved the Ellison Townhouse project.

Bid Openings:
Mr. Hartswick presented the results of the SHACOG bid opening for the 2013-2014 Winter Road Materials Tabulation. Sufficient quantities of products have been reviewed with Mr. DeLallo. Total for products is $7,711.48. Mr. Swisher motioned to accept the winter road materials bid tabulation; Ms. Brannon seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Public Hearings:
Nothing to report. Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report. Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
Nothing to report. Council Committee Reports:

Public Relations/Communications:
Light Up Night is Sunday, December 1st at 6:30 in the Port Authority lot where Santa will ride in on a fire engine.

Annual Christmas Symphonic and Choral Concert will be held at Keystone Oaks High School on December 18th at 7 p.m.

The following website is a great tool for calculating health insurance costs - getcoveredamerica.org.

The borough’s Facebook page is up to 386 likes, and the police department’s daylight burglary report is over 1,000 hits.

Keystone Oaks High School Band’s annual Christmas tree sale begins this Saturday at the Dormont pool tennis courts from 9-9 on the weekends and 4-9 week days.

Public Works/Building & Grounds:
The Castle Shannon Youth Association has elected Joe Willson as president and Matt Marrow as vice president.

PW is ready for the upcoming snow alerts with plenty of rock salt, and the snow plow trucks are ready to go.

Public Safety/Fire:
Pursuant to a request by Mayor Baumgarten and Chief Truver, PENNDOT installed additional signage along the 4100 block of Library Road in front of Stoner Center due to large number of accidents in this area.

Castle Shannon Police Department was given the 2013 AAA Community Traffic Safety Platinum Award for outstanding service for the fifth year in a row.

Ms. O’Malley motioned to publicly display for 10 days the 2014 Borough Capital and Operating Budget with Accompanying Tax Levy; Mr. Swisher seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Ms. Brannon motioned to pay the bills; Ms. O’Malley seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Community Activities/Planning & Codes:
Paul had five hearings with District Magistrate David Barton. Three were found guilty.

Veteran’s Day went well. Hero banners are displayed from Castle Shannon through South Park into Union Township and Finleyville, with some being placed in on Grandview Avenue in Mt. Washington. The Shannon Heroes website gets the most hits.

Harry Munson will make a presentation on the Hero’s Program to the Pennsylvania Veterans on December 6th at Heinz Field. Mayor Baumgarten and Mr. Warhold will attend.

The Community Day Committee will be meeting in early December to initiate plans for 2014.

The Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation meeting is scheduled for December 18th. The CSRC is working on a grant applications for the Keystone Community Main Street designation with a simultaneous feasibility grant with the state. Partnering with Dormont on this project is no longer an option.

The library board has an opening for a board member.

Editorial Board:
The newsletter is out.

The President of the MRTSA Board of Directors has offered to visit a meeting to talk about MRTSA. On-line subscriptions have gone well using a credit card payment application. They are working on updating their website, which has a lot of information. MRTSA provides CPR training for anyone in the community. Ms. Brannon offered to put their information on the borough’s facebook page.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Appointment of delegates will be postponed until the December 9th council meeting. ACBA is celebrating their 65th year. Council will once again support the ACBA with $250 for a half page advertisement.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
No December meeting.

Police Pension:
Nothing to report.

Non-Uniformed Pension:
Nothing to report.

Engineer’s Report:
See above.

Junior Council Person:
Ms. Fabbio reported that several seniors have signed National Letters of Intent to continue their sport careers. A Girl’s all night volleyball fundraiser is scheduled for November 16th. The Junior/Senior classes attended a seminar for 1st year college students to discuss college life. Keystone Oaks is holding anti-bullying week with high school teachers decorating doors for a contest.

Earned Income Tax:
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.

The Mayor is judging the high school bullying door decoration contest. Mayor stated that AAA award is a very prestigious award for the Castle Shannon Police Department.

Planning Commission:
Borough council acknowledged receipt of minutes.

Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Nothing to report.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Nothing to report.


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