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April 24, 2017

The following elected officials were present: M. Heckmann; N. Kovach; T. Kirsch; W. Oates; M. Randazzo; D. Swisher; M. Warhold; D. Baumgarten. Tax Collector S. Torris was absent. The following appointed officials were present: T. Hartswick, Borough Manager; K. Truver, Police Chief; D. Biondo, Solicitor; P. Vietmeier, Codes Official; N. Mastandrea, Junior Council Member.

The minutes of the April 10, 2017 Council Meeting were presented. Ms. Randazzo motioned to approve the minutes; Mr. Swisher seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Ms. Kovach stated that borough council met in executive session prior to the meeting to discuss personnel issues.

Public Comments:

Sean Garin, Attorney for Dinsmore & Shohl– discussed the legal procedures required for refinancing the borough’s 2011 bond for debt savings. Refinancing will save interest to be wired to the capital account of approximately $120,000 and will not extend the term. On May 8th, borough council will consider adoption of an ordinance which will set a savings target for the transaction. The original bonds were for road programs and sanitary sewer improvements. Mr. Swisher motioned to authorize bond counsel to prepare the ordinance and documentation for the refinancing; Mr. Heckmann seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Jason Stanton, P.E. for Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering – presented annual Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) training. The program, which requires a NPDS five year federal permit that began in 2013, is regulated and enforced through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and federal Environmental Protection Agency. The permit is for stormwater conveyance that is used for collecting and/or conveying stormwater, owned by a municipality or other public body, not used as a combined sewer and not part of a publically owned treatment plant.

In 2015, DEP began auditing municipalities to ensure compliance with the permit requirements. Stormwater ponds will be inspected by the DEP. All MS4 activities must be documented by the borough in preparation for the audit. Permit requirements including preparing and implementing a minimum control measure (MCM) written plan with six components. Each component lists multiple Best Management Practices (BMP) to be implemented. The Minimum Control Measures are:

1. Public Education and Outreach on Stormwater Impacts – Education of the public via Facebook, website and newsletters.

2. Public Involvement/Participation – Educational sessions such as this meeting. A Saw Mill Run stream clean-up is scheduled for April 29th.

3. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination – Potential pollution testing and identification of cross connections from sanitary sewer and areas of erosion.

4. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control – Monitor active construction sites and resolve violations related to illicit discharges.

5. Post Construction Stormwater Management in New and Redevelopment Activities – Maintain an inventory of detention basins, rain gardens, underground tanks, etc. located in the borough and annually inspect same.

6. Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping – Public works activities to prevent discharges into the storm system.

Mr. Stanton explained that the borough will be transitioning in 2018 from a NPDES General Permit to an Individual Permit since we drain to a stream that has a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). An updated Stormwater Management Ordinance will be presented later this year in addition to a Pollutant Reduction Plan to reduce nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus) and sediment from the waters.

Mr. Stanton explained the process and requirements for new construction developments that require a detailed erosion and sedimentation control plan for earth moving activities. Routine inspections are conducted during construction to insure that no sediment is going offsite into the storm sewer systems or roads. New construction must have approval from the conservation district with a post construction stormwater plan with required water quality improvements.

In conclusion, the MS4 program was started to ensure that people are cognizant of what goes into the streams, to prevent pollution, and maintain clean waterways to preserve a balanced ecosystem for future generations.

Mr. Heckmann asked how residents could assist with the MS4 efforts such as creating a rain barrel, etc. Mr. Stanton advised that residents should not dump grass clippings, debris or toxins into storm sewers, and washing cars at home discharges soap into the system.

Russ McKibben, 1456 Highland Villa Road - stated that the Shannon Transit Village will be presented to the planning commission, and questioned if the project is being reviewed under the current stormwater ordinance. Mr. Stanton answered yes, since the updated ordinance will not be presented and adopted until later this year; however the current ordinance does address rate and water quality issues.

Ms. Kovach closed the public comment section.

Bid Openings:
One bid was received for the 2006 Chevrolet Impala by Robert Hopfer for $125.00. Two bids were received for the 2011 Ford Explorer: Bayridge Motors - $2855.00 and Kenneth Truver - $1899.99. Mr. Kirsh motioned to award the bids to Robert Hopfer and Bayridge Motors; Mr. Warhold seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Public Hearings:
Barry Cassidy, Main Street Manager, presented Resolution #642 requesting a grant from the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County for $500,000.00 (with a borough match of $150,000) for the Castle Shannon Revitalization Corporation Streetscape Project. Ms. Kovach opened the public hearing. Mr. McKibben questioned where the $150,000 matching funds would come from, since it is not listed in the 2017 budget. Mr. Hartswick answered that borough council discussed the possibility of obtaining a line of credit to undertake the match if the grant was approved. Ms. Kovach closed the public hearing. Mr. Warhold motioned to adopt Resolution #642; Mr. Oates seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Civil Service Commission:
Nothing to report.

Real Estate Tax Collectors Report:
Nothing to report.

Council Committee Reports:

Public Relations/Communications:
Mr. Heckmann reported on a communications committee meeting with four buckets of outcomes:

1. Transparency – availability of public records and reports to residents; what platforms are or should be used to disseminate information; where do borough reports get distributed and on what time frame; occurrence of executive meetings on behalf of council; and avenues for residents to contact council members.

2. Public engagement – attracting and using public opinion on matters such as information sharing, capital budgeting priorities, and soliciting useful feedback for council’s decision making.

3. General infrastructure – updated website and future capital budgets, online forms, online payments

4. Policies – Social Media Policy and Computer Use & Internet Use Policy for borough employees

Public Works:
Mr. Oates stated that the Public Works Department has been cutting grass in the parks and dragging baseball fields, cutting dead trees in the parks, replacing deteriorating concrete at Hamilton Park, and framing the shower stall at the Municipal Center. In addition, Mr. Ausman attended a seminar on rat control/baiting.

Borough council extended their appreciation to South Hills Landscaping for providing the equipment to plant trees at the community garden.

Building and Grounds:
Mr. Kirsch discussed the importance of the Castle Shannon Youth Association and the programs they offer for children in the community. CSYA recently addressed items pertaining to the municipal center and local parks. It was agreed that CSYA could install a shed at the municipal center later this year. The Public Works Department recently completed CSYA’s requested park improvements such as fencing repair, flag pole repair, tree trimming, backstop repair. Municipal center lighting needs repaired by a contractor; and council will consider CSYA’s request to install a deck by the concession stand. In addition, CSYA would like a second floor at the dugout to broadcast games.

Mr. Kirsch discussed widening and repaving the basketball court at Myrtle Avenue Parklet with additional landscaping and fencing. Council agreed to ask Mr. DeLallo, Public Works Foreman, to obtain pricing. Council will look into signage to regulate the parklet’s hours.

Public Safety/Fire:
Chief Truver discussed a $10,000 grant received in March for a K-9 from the Ben Rothlesberger Foundation. An additional $10,000 grant was approved from the district attorney’s office. Two substantial drug arrests occurred last week: one of raw heroin and one with pills. In the past five days, there have been four overdoses.

Mr. Swisher approved the check registers for April 5th and April 12th.

Community Activities/Planning & Codes:
Mr. Oates commented on the Future’s Forum meeting stating it was well attended and many young residents want to get involved in borough activities. Hopefully, this will lead to future volunteers with a group that will grow and be an on-going source of ideas and reinvigoration for the borough. One main topic was walking accessibility for the town. Mr. Heckmann added that residents seemed to appreciate the opportunity to be engaged, and council plans to continue to increase Future Forum activity.

Castle Shannon has received the 2017 Governor’s Award for the category of Promoting Community Economic Revitalization.

The Saw Mill Run Stream Cleanup will be held on Saturday. The Keystone Young Marines and boy scouts will be assisting. Mr. Warhold gave a special thanks to Jason Maenz, who does a great job volunteering in the community and will be attending the stream clean-up.

On May 2nd the National Main Street Conference will be visiting Castle Shannon as a stop on the transportation tour.

Ms. Randazzo noted the many and varied programs offered by the Community Library of Castle Shannon. Stop in and explore our library.

Ms. Randazzo distributed information from the Allegheny County Library Association advertising their budget challenges.

Editorial Board:
Final draft of the newsletter went out today.

The board will be meeting April 26th. Carnegie Borough had requested a proposal to join MRTSA, but chose to join with Scott Township Emergency Medical Services.

Municipal Associations:

Allegheny County Boroughs Association:
Nothing to report.

Allegheny League of Municipalities:
Nothing to report.

Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs:
Ms. Kovach received the Carol Sambol award for 25 years of local government service. Council congratulated Ms. Kovach.

South Hills Area Council of Governments:
Annual dinner meeting is April 27th.

Police Pension/Non-Uniformed Pension:
The agenda contained the first quarter 2017 statement.

Junior Council Person:
Mr. Mastandrea is a member of Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) which will have a booth at community day. The group consists of students who are devoted to educating students in the community on the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and promoting their mission to stop the drinking and driving, use of drugs, alcohol abuse, underage drinking and with the main goal of saving lives.

Engineer's Report:
Nothing to report.

Manager's Report:
A proposed cooperation agreement with Mt. Lebanon for a traffic light operation for the Shannon Transit Village was tabled.
Two proposals were received for the Canal Street Pumps Station operation and maintenance services by Ray DeLallo ($1,000 per month) and CWM Environmental ($262.50/visit). Mr. Ray DeLallo is the borough’s current licensed wastewater operator, and he plans to retire on July 31st. Mr. Stanton added that in December 2018 ALCOSAN may be taking over the pump station maintenance with regionalization. Mr. Swisher noted that CWM’s proposal was for a weekly inspection, and Mr. DeLallo’s proposal was for daily inspection. Mr. Oates motioned to approve the proposal by Ray DeLallo through December 2018; Mr. Heckmann seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Mayor's Report:
Mayor Baumgarten related an incident where a man overdosed while driving and crashed his vehicle. The driver was unresponsive; therefore the emergency medical team administered CPR and Narcan as life-saving methods. Although the driver was still unresponsive, medical personnel at the hospital were able to revive and release the driver.

Mayor Baumgarten also discussed a topic at the Future’s Forum was the lack of children signing up for CSYA sports, which has resulted in multi-municipal teams. Mr. Warhold noted that the Summer Recreation program continues to grow, and Mr. Kirsch added that the splash pad project for Hamilton Park is attracting a lot of enthusiasm.

Planning Commission:
Mr. Warhold motioned to approve the minutes of the March 20th meeting; Mr. Heckmann seconded; all in favor; motion carried.

Solicitor's Report:
Nothing to report.

Keystone Oaks:
Nothing to report.

Zoning Hearing Board:
Nothing to report.

Mr. Vietmeier stated that the Shannon Transit Village conditional use hearing has been rescheduled to May 22nd, with a planning commission meeting scheduled for May 15th.


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