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Allied Waste Services (AWS) is honored that we have been selected again for Castle Shannon Borough's trash hauling and disposal needs and we are committed to providing you with the highest level of service you deserve. Our number one priority is "Complete Customer Satisfaction".

If you have any questions regarding the New Trash & Recycling Collection Schedule, Single Stream Recycling, and/or any Service Issues please contact our customer service department Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 1-877-788-9400

Effective January 5, 2009, AWS will conduct service operations on a two-day a week schedule. Please refer to the street listing enclosed to identify your new pick-up day. Place your trash & recycling out by the curb for collection the night before your designated collection day.

GARBAGE SERVICE -AWS will provide curbside collection of household waste generated on a weekly basis and includes normal household waste, yard waste, and bulky waste. Bulky waste includes furniture, white goods, bundled carpet padding (cut in 4-ft sections), and other similar waste material other than construction debris, dead animals, hazardous waste, or domestic animal waste. Please place your rubbish in standard 32-gallon trash containers or heavy plastic bags securely tied. Bags and/or cans may not exceed 50 Ibs.

SERVICE RESTRICTIONS -Due to State and local regulations, the following materials are prohibited from collection: automotive batteries, construction & demolition debris, tires, liquid paint (will accept dried out paint or paint absorbed with kitty litter), medical waste including needles and syringes (will accept diabetes syringes placed in a protective container), chemicals, liquids, and hazardous waste such as asbestos, gasoline, or oil. Appliances with refrigerants (Freon) may only be collected if a sticker is placed on the appliance, by a certified technician, certifying the refrigerants have been removed. Brush, branches or tree limbs may not exceed 4 inches in diameter and must be bundled not to exceed 4 feet in length.

SPECIAL COLLECTION -For disposal of construction, demolition, or remodeling material as well as any excess trash resulting from a major event such as the resident moving or a major disaster (e.g.fire, flood, sewer backup) please contact AWS in advance for any special instructions, any stipulated fees, and/or to schedule the removal of this material.

SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING SERVICE -AWS will provide bi-weekly single stream recycling collection on the same day as your trash collection day. Please see the attached recycling schedule as well as the requirements for Single Stream Recycling.

HOLIDAY SCHEDULE -There is no trash collection on the following six holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Pick up will be delayed one day if the above official holiday is on a Monday through Friday. If the actual date falls on a Saturday or Sunday (e.g. July 4, 2010 falls on a Sunday) there is no change in service day for that week. The Holiday Schedule is outlined on the attached recycling schedule.


Alice PI.
Aubrey Way
Belleville St.
Blossom Hill Rd.
Broadway St.
Canbet St.
Caroline Dr.
Castle Rd.
Clara St.
Duluth St.
Edna St.
Fountain St.
Frederick St.
Gene Dr.
Grant St.
Green Ct.
Grove Rd.
Grove Way
Groveton St.
Hamilton Rd.
Havelock St.
Highland Villa Dr.
Home Ave.
Janet Dr.
Library Rd.
Linnie Lou Dr.
Lockridge Dr.
Loma Dr.
Lyndell Ct.
Magnolia Dr.
Maplehill Ave.
Martha St.
Mary PI.
Mathilda St.
May St.
McCully Rd.
McRoberts Rd.
Middleboro Rd.
Murrays Ln.
Oak Dr.
Orr Dr.
Prospect Ave.
Rebecca St.
Ridgeton St.
Rosalia Ave.
Saxonwald Ave.
Saxonwald Ln.
Shady Run Ave.
Sinclair Dr.
Sixth St.
Spring St.
Steiger St.
Sycamore Dr.
Terrace Way
Thompson Ave.
Thompson St.
Trance Dr.
Waverly St.
Arch Ave.
Baldwin St.
Bockstoce Ave.
Canal St.
Castle Shannon Blvd.
Castleview Rd.
Chestnut Ave.
Columbia Dr.
Connor Rd.
Cooke Dr.
Corbet Dr
Edgewood Ave.
Elm St.
Frances Rd.
Frank St.
Glen Shannon Dr.
Greenridge Rd.
Hampton Ave.
Hastie Rd.
Hiwood Dr.
Hoodridge Dr.
James St.
Kerry Hill Dr.
Killarney Dr.
Laurel Ave.
Lebanon Ave.
Linden Ave.
Lindenwood Dr.
Locust Ave.
Londonderry Dr.
Maple Ave.
Maplene Ave.
Maplewood Dr
Middle Rd.
Milton Rd.
Mingo Alley
Myrtle Ave.
Newport Dr.
Nilden Ave.
Oakdale Ave.
O'Brien Dr.
Park Ave.
Pine Ave.
Poplar Ave.
Race Ave.
Redwood Dr.
Riehl Dr.
Rockwood Ave.
Rolling Rock Rd.
Rosewood Dr.
Scott Way
Shady Ln.
Sleepy Hollow Rd.
Smith Rd.
Spruce Ave.
St Ann St.
Thornwood Dr.
Ulrich Ave.
Union St.
Vallevista Ave.
Vermont Ave.
Wabash Ave.
Wabash Rd.
Walnut Ave.
Waterford Dr.
Willow Ave.

(1) If your street name is not on this sheet please contact our Customer Service Department at 877-788-9400

(2) Please identify your service day by the street where you place your trash if different from your mailing address.

(3) Place your recycling at the curb as outlined on the attached recycling schedule on your designated collection day.

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