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Castle Shannon Salutes its Soldiers Over sixty local families participated in this inaugural event which displayed service banners highlighting our veterans and their branch of their military service. VALOR - HONOR - COURAGE
U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. Ryan Lane
dies in combat in Afghanistan July 23, 2009.
The family has asked memorial contributions be made to:
The Wounded Warrior Regiment,
3025 John Quick Road, MCB Quantico, VA 22134.
Please Click Here for Donation Instructions

We're proud to honor our citizens serving in the Armed Forces.
If you have a photograph of any Castle Shannon resident
currently serving in the Military, overseas.
Please submit their information, picture.
To show we are with them,
We support them,
We miss them.
Click Here to submit your message and military information
for a Shannon Soldier that's close to you.


Marine PFC Braun
2nd MED FOX Company

Marine Lance Corporal Chris M. Brown
1st battlion 2nd Marine Bravo Company

Marine Corporal Jeffrey B Ceccatti
3rd Division 1st Battalion

Marine Sergeant Thomas L Clibbens
Mag 11 Bulk Fuelman

Marine Sergeant Richard L. Ewing
1st FAST Company

Marine Lance Corporal Richard Grau
2/1 Golf Company 15th MEU

Marine M Sergeant Kenneth Hubenthal
United States Marine Corps WWII

Marine Sergeant Jared Kirsch
United States Marine Corps

Marine Sergeant Ryan H. Lane
2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance

Marine Corporal Christopher Myrah
1st and 2nd Platoon Truck Company

Marine Lance Corporal Daniel J Mulvihill II
3rd Battalion

Marine Corporal Matthew J. Orbich
Air Control Squadron #1

Marine Corporal Ian D Phillipps
Security Forces

Marine PFC Raymond Porter
H&S CO 1st BN 5th Marines

Marine Corporal Daniel Scabilloni
Headquarters Service Battalion Marines

Marine Recruiting Office


Army Sergeant Tony Amendola
United States Army WWII

Army Sergeant Edward P Brannon
HQ CO 2nd BN 27th INF REGT

Army Sergeant Bruno B Ceccatti
99th Division Infantry WWII

Army Sergeant Mike Cheberenchick
Patton's Third Army

Army E-4 Gabriel N D'Amico
Company B 8th Battalion

Army Edmond louis D'angelo
WWII Veteran

Army Spc 4 Ray DeLallo
CO B 28th AVN BN

Army Pfc James S Del Percio
9206th Technical Service Unit

Army Staff Sergeant David F. Feeney, Jr.
LRS Unit

Army Captain Robert Fraas III
489 C.A.Battlion

Army Sgt Michael Garritan
862 Engineer Aviation Battalion

Army E5 Adam L. Garrity
105th Military Police Company

Army Cpl Dan S Gimiliano
Patton's Third Army, 26th Infantry Division
101st Field Artillery

Army Spc. 4 Charles P. Hensler
199th Light Infantry Brigade 5th Battalion

Army Spc. 5 Jim Hirsh - VietNam
25th Infantry Division, 46th Scout Dog Platoon

Army Sergeant Ben M. Johnson
Army Rangers Special Forces

Army Pvt J Robert Kaschak
Infantry United States Army

Army Pfc Robert Kobosky
96th Infantry Division

Army SP4 William Kohnen
267 Signal Company Vietnam

Army M Sgt Wayne Kusmira
Fuel & Weapons Specialist
Operation Desert Storm

Army Spc5 Adalbert Kusmira Jr
519th MP Battalion 437th MP Co

Army Sgt Lawrence Lennon
CO A 1/6 198th LIB Americal Div. Vietnam

1st Lt Marv Levin
164th Military Police Company

Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Scott MacDonald
First Infantry division

Army SPC4 Jerry Malsch
459th Engineer Company

Army 1st Lieutenant Steven McComis
10th Mountain Division

Army Sgt James A McKee
652nd Bombardment Squadron

Army S Sgt James A McMonagle
HQ Company, 130th Infantry

Army S Sgt Josh Miller
Military Police

Army Spc 4 Richard Miller
2nd Aviation Battalion

Army Cpl Anthony Nedzesky
306th Combat Eng. 81 Division

Army PFC Thomas E. Nicholls
1ST Armored Division

Army Spec 4 George A Orr
B 24th Missile Battalion United States Army

Army Sgt Charles R Recker

Army Pvt Curtis Rackie
Alpha Company, 31st Engineer Battalion

Army Cpl Samuel R Sciullo
A M G Division WWII

Sgt C.B. Shock
51st Troop Carrier Wing, 100th BG WWII

Army PFC Richard J Sparvero
United States Army WWII

Army M Sgt Charles R Theobald
101st Airborne Division Vietnam

Army PFC Leonard R Torris
United States Army Infantry WWII

Army PFC Peter P Torris
United States Army Infantry WWII

Army SP-4 Paul Vietmeier
173rd Airborne Support "D" Co.

Army SP-5 Robert F Vietmeier
786th Ordinance L.M. Company

Army SP-5 Mike Warhold
1st M.I. CO 1st Infantry Division

Army S Sgt Matthew Whalen
1st Squad Leader 2nd Brigade Afghanistan

Army Sgt Robert F Welsch
355th Inf Reg 89th Division

Army SGT James Zamaris
351st OD Co

Air Force

Air Force Sgt Raymond C Eichel
366 MMS Danans Vietnam

Air Force Seabee Michael J.Garritan Jr
Steel Worker 2nd Class

Air Force 1st Lt. Robert Gilleland
411th Engineer Special Battalion WWII

Air Force Airman Larry Gornick
3rd Bomb Wing 5th Air Force

Air Force Sergeant Daniel Gothe
386AEW/911th Airwing

Air Force Michael Clever

Airman Adalbert Kusmira

Air Force Airman Daniel J. Ruchka
Goodfellow AFB

Sgt Henry G Simon
8th Air Force Bomb Squadron WWII

Air Force Brian Theobald
75th Air Wing Support Group Iraq

Air Force Recruiting Office


Navy E-3 Tony Cavalovitch
Merchant Gunnery

Navy ADR3 Fred Hart
US Air Antisubron VS 38

Navy Quarter Master Robert J Jordon

Navy Pmfc William E Lothes
LST Hospital Ship WWII

Navy SF3C Frank Mehlhorn
USS Egeria 133rd Const. Batt. WWII

Navy AR3 Ronald Miller
US Aircraft Mechanic

Navy E-5 Kenneth Munson
USS Newport News CA-148

Navy Lieutenant Kenneth H Munson
USS Yorktown CG-48 Cruiser

Navy Specialist Leo R Nath
United States Navy WWII

Navy E-5 Michael J Nath
Aviation Ordinance VA-215 Vietnam

Navy YN3 Donald Smith
USS Rich DDE 820 United States Navy

Navy C3 Harry A Snyder
Aviation Radioman 3rd Class WWII

Navy Seaman John B Theobald
USS Wasp United States Navy

Seaman Charles Theobald
Signalman USS Pittsburgher WWII

Airman Michael Theobald
United States Navy Vietnam

Navy SA William Warhold
US Gunnery Lookout Division

Seaman Louis R Williams
Merchant Marines WWII

Navy Recruiting Office

National Guard

Master Sergeant Anthony DeSensi
171st Air Refueling Wing

National Guard TSgt Jeffrey Favorite
171 ARW Air Force NG Iraq

National Guard E-4 Mike Mcgee
28th Military Police Co Det. 1

Coast Guard

Coast Guard Lieutenant Ron Brahm
Homeland Security Operations Center

The Keystone Young Marines Platoon 2007


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Tribute & Prayers
Sgt Ryan H. Lane
2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance
01/12/84 - 07/ 23/09


Currently Deployed 
E-4 Mike Mcgee
28th Military Police

Marine PFC Braun
2nd MED FOX Company

SGT James Zamaris
351st OD Co

S Sgt Josh Miller
Military Police

Pvt Curtis Rackie
Alpha Company

S Sgt Matthew Whalen
1st Sqd 2nd Brigade

Airman Brian Theobald
75th Air Wing Spt Grp

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