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Planning and Codes Office
Enforcement of all non-traffic Borough Ordinances

Paul Vietmeier Codes Officer

Ordinance 837-2004 Rates & Fees Schedule
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Castle Shannon Borough Zoning Book Ordinance # 891
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Castle Shannon Borough Zoning Map Adopted 10/28/2013
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A brief list of permits have been listed for review.
Please click here to view the most common ordinances and permits

Placement of Dumpsters or similar containers
are restricted on Borough streets and governed by local ordinance.
A $50 permit fee is payable to the "Castle Shannon Borough"
Permits may be obtained at the Codes Office at the borough building or
Click Here to download this permit application

Lien Letter, Tax Certification, Occupancy, Dye Test Procedure
Lien Letter request form

The Building Official handles property complaints and plan reviews and issues building permits. The office is responsible for new construction, including site plan development of both commercial and residential properties.

In Castle Shannon, persons moving into a commercial or residential dwelling must obtain a certificate of occupancy. This is done to ensure public safety and for the municipality's planning goals. For more information on obtaining certificate of occupancy or other permit information, contact the Building Office.

To serve residents and meet the Borough's growth potential, the hours of the Building Office, are 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. - Monday through Friday.

Download a Permit (in PDF format)

We now have a secondary source to issue building permits
Building Inspectors Underwriter - BIU
You may pickup an application at the borough building

Permits are required for the following:
Listed is a brief summary of the most frequently issued permits.
Please contact the Zoning Department for additional permit information.

  • Occupancy of a building - Permits are required for each new occupant or tenant of a structure.
    This is the property owner's responsibility.
  • Street openings - Permits are required for any work done on or in a public right -of-way
  • Installation of furnaces/air conditioners
  • Fences
  • Signs
  • Accessory buildings
  • Additions or any remodeling
  • Home -based businesses
  • Solicitation - All solicitors must have permits - obtained from the Police Department - with proper identification.
  • Swimming pools - Permits are required for construction of pools in and above the ground.
    They must be fenced.
Before starting any construction, contact the Building Office 412-885-9200 ext. 104.

Common Ordinances
A brief list of the most commonly referenced ordinances.
Please contact the Zoning Office for additional information.

Animals - All pets must be leashed, licensed and vaccinated.

Commercial Vehicles - Parking in residential areas is prohibited.

Garbage Pickup - Garbage containers may not be placed at curbside before 6:00 P.M. the evening before pickup.

Junk Vehicles - Cars and trucks must be registered and currently inspected. They must be operable.

Littering - Littering is not allowed. Litter includes weeds, unlicensed and inoperable vehicles, metal and building materials.

Parking - Driveways must not be blocked. Parking on lawns is prohibited. Street parking of boats or trailers is prohibited.

Recycling - Plastics, bottles and metal cans are picked up on the last full week of each month. All materials must be placed in approved containers.

Sidewalks - Sidewalks must be litter-free and in good condition. Snow must be removed within 12 hours after a snowfall.

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