Borough Administration
Quick Connections:

Fax 412-885-9251
Dial 412-885-9200
followed by these extensions:

ext. 100
Email: csboro@csboro.org

Tax Collector
Eileen O’Malley
ext. 107

Donald Baumgarten
ext. 108

Michael Foote
ext. 103

Assistant Manager
Loretta Miller
ext. 102

Community Engagement Coordinator
Victoria Copenheaver
ext. 100

Main Street Manager
Krista Mosher
ext. 118

Zoning and Code Official
Paul Vietmeier
ext. 104

Code Enforcement Officer
Michael Moog
ext. 124

Zoning and Code Administration
Christina Morrow
ext. 105

Earned Income Taxes
Jordan Tax Service 412-835-5243 or 724-731-2300

Police Department,
Quick Connections:

Fax 412-885-9252
Dial 412-885-9300 followed by these extensions:

Administrative Assistant
Lynn Seiler
ext. 111

Shift Supervisor
ext. 120

After Hours – Allegheny County Dispatch

Animal Control

Fire Information – Castle Shannon Volunteer Fire Department

Ambulance Information – Medical Rescue Team South Authority


How To Register Complaints

Any resident who has a complaint to bring to the borough’s attention must first understand the proper procedure. All complaints that are called into the borough administrative office are first reviewed by the borough manager who then decides what department shall investigate the complaint.

After the complaint has been investigated, it is reported back to the manager so that appropriate action can be taken. It is very important when registering a complaint by e-mail or over the telephone that the following information is given. If borough officials do not have the following information, your complaint will not be addressed.

The information that the borough administration requests is as follows:

  • Complainant’s name
  • address & telephone number,
  • nature of complaint
  • and any other significant details.

All this information is important. Again, if you do not supply this information, your complaint will not be investigated. All complaints are kept on record with a note as to the resolution to the problem if any. This information is also confidential.

To register a complaint online, click here.

Available facilities at :