New Businesses

Whether you’re a new business coming in to Castle Shannon or an existing one looking to relocate, we have the information you need to get started.

The following must be completed before opening or relocating a business in Castle Shannon:

Before establishing a business within Borough limits, you must contact the Zoning Official to make sure the chosen location allows the proposed business type. In order to establish a business in a particular location, a zoning variance may be required. The Zoning Official can assist you in assuring that the proposed business will meet all borough codes prior to any investment being made.

Occupancy Permit
An  Application for Certificate of Change in Occupancy and Inspection must be completed prior to each and every change in ownership, use or tenancy. Contact the Planning and Codes Department an inspection appointment.

  • Businesses must complete and return an Emergency Notification form to the Police Dept.
  • If you are planning to erect a sign, a permit must be completed and paid for. The Application for Zoning Permit must be completed, along with a drawing of the proposed sign.
  • If you plan to use a portable sign, an Application for Portable Sign Permit must be completed and returned.

Snow Removal from Sidewalks
Sidewalks must be kept free of snow and ice and must do so within twelve (12) hours of snow or ice cessation. Businesses must follow Ord. #746 Regulating the Collection and Recycling of Recyclable Materials.

Trash Collection and Recycling
Businesses are required by borough ordinance to participate in the recycling program established by Borough Council.  For more information, please refer to the Commercial/Business Recycling page.

New Business Checklist:

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