Occupancy Inspections

Occupancy inspections must be conducted for a home sale or when a new tenant (commercial and residential) moves into a rental unit.  Please contact the Planning & Codes office to schedule an inspection.  Castle Shannon Borough enforces the 2006 Property Maintenance Code for these inspections.

Occupancy Permit Requirements

These are some of the most common violations:

  • Electrical inspection sticker on the electric box within the last five years.
  • Smoke detectors with operating batteries–one is required on each floor & in each bedroom.
  • Windows must open and close.
  • Railing on stairs.
  • Switches and receptacles must have plates.
  • Wiring.
  • GFI plugs where required.
  • All bathrooms & toilet areas must have a window that opens or ventilation to the outside.
  • General condition of the entire structure and grounds surrounding the structure.
  • Habitable living conditions, etc.
  • Twenty-minute fire-rated door between residence and garage.
  • Under Act 121 you must install a Carbon Monoxide detector.
  • Violation of any other Borough Code.




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