Zoning Permits (Building Permits)

A Zoning (building) Permit is required for most construction performed, both commercial and residential.  Zoning permits can be picked up in the Planning & Codes office or downloaded here. Some construction requires our third party agency, Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) to perform the inspections. BIU requires permit applications that can be found on their website at BIU PA.

Accessory Structure/Shed Permit ($25)

An accessory building may be constructed within the rear yard if entirely separated from the primary structure and if located at least three (3) feet farther back from the front street line than the rear-most portion of the primary structure, or at least five (5) feet from the rear property line and at least five (5) feet from the side property line. An accessory building may also be constructed within the rear yard, in any case in which the rear portion of the lot abuts upon a road not exceeding twenty (20) feet in width, providing that all parts of the accessory building are at least five (5) feet distant from the Right-Of-Way line of such roadway. Accessory buildings shall not exceed one hundred fifty (150) feet in area and one story in height. Such accessory structures shall not be used for garage purposes. All plans for accessory buildings shall be submitted to the Zoning Officer for approval prior to issuance of a building permit. Structures of poor construction or structures which are to be comprised of make-shift materials or structures which are subject to extreme weathering and unsightly conditions shall not be permitted.

Fence Permit ($35)

No fence or wall, except retaining walls or other obstruction (except a required retaining wall or a wall of a building permitted under the terms of this Part) over four (4) feet in height in front yards or over six (6) feet in height in side yards or rear yards, shall be erected within any of the required open spaces or yard spaces, unless said fence shall contain openings therein equal to fifty (50) percent or more of the area of the fence or wall. This provision shall not apply to the required enclosing of outside storage areas in commercial districts as required by subsection (5) of this Section.  All screen fences (those having more than fifty (50) percent of the face area closed) shall be located two (2) feet or more from any property line.

Swimming Pool Permits ($35 Above Ground, $100 In Ground)

  1. Open private swimming pools are considered structures for the purpose of permits and regulations of all ordinances, if they are constructed, used or maintained to provide recreational facilities for swimming, bathing or wading and capable of containing water to a depth of greater than eighteen (18) inches. For the purpose of this Part, they are not counted as floor area in computing the lot coverage but shall not be located in any required setback area.
  1. All swimming pools, both in-ground and above-ground, shall be at least ten (10) feet from any lot line and shall be enclosed by a fence, wall or other substantial barrier not less than four (4) feet high, with a self-closing, self-latching gate and of such a character as reasonable to prevent access to the pool.
  1. No swimming pool shall be constructed in the Borough except in accordance with a permit therefore previously secured from the Zoning Officer or his duly authorized representative, upon written application accompanied by a plan showing the size, shape and location of the swimming pool and its enclosure and such other information as may be necessary to enable the Zoning Officer to determine whether the pool complies with this Chapter.

Dumpster Permit ($50)

A dumpster permit is required when dumpsters are placed on any street. The dumpster permit application must be approved by the Castle Shannon Police Department.


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